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BIOS Printing and Publishing Cluster

J. J. Strossmayera 341
31000 Osijek
tel: +385 31 209 955
fax: +385 31 209 956



Why cluster?

The idea behind this printing and publishing cluster initiative originated in the summer of 2004 by four companies within Business Incubator BIOS operating in compelementary areas of graphic and web design industry. An informal cluster of these four businesses accompanied by one external partner company was initiated with the main goal of sharing their technology and expertise in order to enable theirselves to offer a wider range of quality products and services with competitive prices on local markets.

Our initial projects showed the need for expanding the range of cluster products and services and as a result we welcomed 5 new cluster members. At the moment our printing and publishing cluster has 10 members with Business Incubator BIOS coordinating and managing joint market efforts.

We believe that technology and expertise sharing between our businesses is the best way to provide our customers with a brand new service – availability of getting high-quality printing and publishing indistra products at one place, reducing clients expenses by enabling them to negotiate the whole package of products and services with one company. We also offer many top-quality products that are currently not available elsewhere on our local markets.


Who are we?

  • 10 businesses forming a joint printing and publishing cluster initiative
  • large team of experienced experts in marketing, web and business applications development, graphic and industrial design, various printing services, digital and analogue photography, audio/video materials recording and editing joined in BIOS printing and publishing cluster provides top quality market presentation of your business
  • cluster members works on their area of expertise which ensures maximum quality of our products and services

Our vision

Becoming a recognized printing and publishing industry initiative in Croatia, and becoming the industry leader in the region.